Cataloguing Volunteer


Volunteers at NEIMME are working on adding detail to our catalogue records.  Our collection includes many volumes which contain papers by a number of different people, such as conference proceedings, which are not automatically searchable when users search the catalogue.  Volunteers are manually adding the information from the contents page and linking the relevant authors to the book record.  This creates a huge number of additional access points for users and makes all of those articles searchable through our online catalogue.

Here’s an example of a contents page which has been added by a volunteer.  You can see that the structure is very important, so that this matches other library catalogues around the world, and that accuracy is crucial.  If there is a spelling mistake here then the article will not be found in later searches.


The catalogue is simply accessed via an internet browser.  You will also need to search other online catalogues such as the Library of Congress.  Full training in using our cataloguing software is provided.


Comfortable using ICT.


No minimum time commitment. Most people working on this project do one 3-hour session per week but it is variable.

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