Scanning Volunteer

Page from Bell Collection

Volunteers at NEIMME are working on scanning the Tracts Collection and items from the Strongroom Archives collections.  These are unique items which, in many cases, are in poor condition from being heavily used.  Digitising them protects the originals as most people can then use the digital copy instead of the original book, however the originals must be handled very carefully during the scanning process to ensure this does not damage them further.  We have two A3 scanners which enables us to scan the largely foolscap sized pages.


You can either have a volume which you work through page by page or do sections of pages from a volume being worked on by several volunteers.  If you have an interest in a particular colliery or area then we can try to accommodate that and find some related material.  Full training in using the scanner software is provided.


ICT – using a scanner (We use EPSON scan software)
ICT – renaming files
Accuracy – naming files correctly and quality of the scans.


A regular slot per week.  As there are only two A3 scanners there are a limited number of slots available for scanning volunteers. No minimum time commitment.  Most people working on this project do one 3-hour session per week but it is variable.

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