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The Institute is pleased to announce this joint conference with the Institute of Corrosion held over two-days between the 22nd-23rd of June 2023. The corrosion control industry has a large part to play in developing sustainable solutions for the energy sector. It can design systems and procedures that provide corrosion control for the life of the asset, but too often cost becomes the driver in reducing performance from concept to construction. This event will present, debate and challenge current engineering solutions to meet the new challenges facing the industry, including how we can continue providing energy, what can be re-purposed, and the effects on sustainable corrosion control solutions. This will also allow participants to understand the value chain, from concept to end use, and the challenges of various players in the energy sector.

Registration is required for attendance. The full programme is given below and is available via the conference website.

NEIMME-ICorr Conference 2023

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