Our Profesional and Chartership Committee exists to promote professional excellence and standards in the Institute’s disciplines for the public good.

This is achieved through:

  1. Defining, maintaining and developing high professional standards for the Institute’s members,
  2. Promoting career development for the Institute’s members,

The Committee will reflect the breadth of professional practice of the Institute’s members and shall do so by providing a balance on the committee for each professional discipline that is meaningfully represented within the Institute’s membership.

The Committee will oversee professional affairs of the Institute through:

  • Ensuring that the criteria for election to membership are kept high,
  • Establishing and maintaining adherence to the Institute’s Code of Conduct,
  • Advising Council of alleged breaches of Code of Conduct and investigating accordingly after Council’s consideration,
  • Developing appropriate training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events,
  • Ensuring that members are keeping their CPD up to date,
  • Advising Council on developments within Professional practice as necessary,
  • Informing that general public and employers of the standards of professional practice expected of Institute members,
  • Promoting Chartership and establishing and maintaining procedures to aid the mentoring and examination of Institute members who seek Charters status,
  • Liaising with comparable organisations in the UK and overseas to further the professionalism of the Institute’s members,

Committee Membership

We are currently seeking applications from our members fill the six spaces on our Professional and Chartership Committee. We are looking for mining and engineering professionals who are willing to help the Institute actively fulfil the aims and objectives listed above. In particular to help with the organisation of professional development events.

The Committee is Chaired by the Professional Secretary who is also a member of the Institute’s Council. Applicants to the positions must be of MNEIMME or FNEIMME grade, and should be Chartered in their respective discipline. Members serve for up to four years in the first instance. The committee is expected to meet quarterly.

To apply please complete the Application Form and return to along with a CV and evidence of your Charted status.

Deadline for applications is 11:59pm on the 30th of November 2023.

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