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It’s going to be a busy summer at the Mining Institute!  We will be open seven days a week for the Great Exhibition of the North giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy our building before we close for refurbishment in September.

During the Great Exhibition of the North (22 June – 9 September) we have range of events that celebrate the North’s pioneering engineering industry.

The exhibition is open from 10am-6pm.

A cafe offering light refreshments and snacks is open from 11am in the Stephenson Room (1st floor)

The Great North Engineering Experience

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a team of ‘invisible’ superheroes!

Offering a unique take on engineering, the Great North Engineering Experience will feature 12 invisible ‘superheroes’ of the North who are responsible for shaping the world in which we live today.

The exhibition will showcase the modern engineering industry that exists in the North through engaging and interactive displays, exhibitions by northern engineering companies, a series of talks and family-friendly lectures, as well an opportunity to find out about careers in engineering. There will also be a range of hands-on engineering activities, including our Lego challenge competition.

Local civil, mechanical and electrical engineers are working with The Great Exhibition of the North (GEOTN) to present the Great Northern Engineering Experience at Neville Hall situated on the Innovation Route walking trail of the GEOTN.

A series of Tuesday evening and weekend lectures will run alongside the exhibition


Come and celebrate the inventive and radical spirit of the past, find out what we do, and see how the engineers of today are shaping the way we will all live tomorrow.

Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm


LEGO® Timeline of Northern Innovation

Love LEGO? Interested in innovation? Then this is custom-built for you!

Local LEGO artist Steve Mayes tells the story of Northern innovation in over 40 intricate models, using 50,000 plastic bricks.

See how many of these northern innovations you recognise in the 3D timeline, which features everything from Stephenson’s Rocket and Jodrell Bank to graphene, virtual reality and the Great North Run.

Check out Steve’s interpretation and add to the story in the maker space by creating your own models.

If there are any LEGO fans out there who want to add to the story of Northern Innovation with their own creations, there is space in the Mining Institute to display them. So if you think Steve has missed something vital, or you want to create your own version of one of Steve’s models, get building!

Models should be no wider than 10×20 inches, with a maximum height of 20 inches, to fit in the secure display cabinets. You’ll have to deliver them yourself but will get them back at the end of the Exhibition. Contact Steve direct on if you want to find out more.

Monday – Sunday, 10am – 6pm


Multiverse Arcade

An arcade machine plays video messages from 2066 on to your palms. Join this playful, empowering mission to save the future. Place your hands into the arcade machine. A video message from 2066 plays on to your palms: “Sorry. We ruined the world.” Can you save the future? Uncover secret messages on an interactive mission that leads to the Multiverse Arcade – a headquarters of ideas within Newcastle’s Mining Institute. Explore a space full of young people’s thoughts on how to change the world.

“What will you do when you’re in charge?” you are asked. Add your voice – the future is in your hands. This playful, empowering and thought-provoking event is created by Unfolding Theatre, New Writing North’s Young Writers’ City at Excelsior Academy and Queen’s Hall Youth Theatre.

Multiverse Arcade is inspired by a question asked to Eton pupils: “What are you going to do when you’re in charge?” We believe all young people should be asked this question.

It is a different question to, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It is not about fitting in to what already exists. It is a question that asks how young people want to change the world they live in. It is a question about imagination. At the same time, it is a question grounded in reality. Children and young people really will be in charge. By 2066 they will be our elders, leading businesses, families and communities.

Monday – Sunday, 10am-6pm

SEAM Exhibition

The Mining Institute has recently been successful in an application made to Heritage Lottery Fund of £29,900 to create an exhibition telling the unique engineering heritage that stemmed from the building.

The SEAM project will enable visitors to explore their regional industrial heritage through 10 themes of innovation dating back to before the Institute’s foundation, to current and future innovation in the region. Alongside the SEAM exhibition, there will be a varied programme of unique events spanning workshops for families and children to a whole series of heritage/industry talks.

SEAM will be exhibited in the Arbitration room and will run alongside the activity for the Great Exhibition of The North undertaken from June 25th 2018 to 9th September 2018.

SEAM is funded by Heritage Lottery Fund

For more information visit

Opens 25th June. Wednesday – Monday, 10am-6pm | CLOSED TUESDAYS

Technicians Make it Happen in the North

Did you know there’s a certain kind of person that makes everything happen? From ground-breaking surgery and research, to space travel and awe-inspiring events – everywhere you look, there are technicians using their skills to support every aspect of our world.

Discover how, at the new exhibition, Technicians Make It Happen in North. Through stunning photography and videos, you will hear the stories of technicians in the North, learn about how they got to where they are and explore what it takes to be a technician.

The exhibition will zoom in on the role technicians play in shaping innovation and art, driving forward the UK’s key industries, and making sure the things we depend on, happen. Towards the end of the summer, the events series,Technicians Stories – LIVE will see guest speakers invited to talk and shed a light on what it takes to be a technician and the amazing opportunities technical roles can provide.

Technicians Make it Happen in the North is run by the Technicians Make It Happen campaign, which raises awareness of the role technicians play in driving the UK economy and seeks to challenge outdated notions of who the nation’s technicians are and what they do. By showcasing the amazing technicians working in diverse industries, the campaign aims to inspire young people, their teachers and parents, and encourage them to consider the benefits of a career as a technician. To learn more about the campaign, please visit and follow the hashtag #techniciansmakeithappen

Opens 7th July. Wednesday – Monday, 10am-6pm

The Mining Institute hosts a wide range of events from live music to poetry readings, lectures and plays.  The spaces are available to hire for your events and many of the talks are open to the public.

A full list events including public tours are available on our Facebook Page

Mining Institute lectures will run monthly from September 2018 – June 2019.



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