Charles Roy Knaggs

Charles Roy Knaggs was born in Middlesbrough in June 1902 and was educated at Pockington School. He was an engineering apprentice at Dorman Long & Co. including in their Ironstone and Coal Mines section at Bowburn and Tursdale collieries.
He gained his manager’s certificate in 1928 and in 1929 became assistant manager at Sherburn Colliery. He was Under-Manager and then in 1932, Manager at Montague Colliery, Newcastle and then Manager at Shotton Colliery, Co. Durham from 1935 until nationalisation when he became a Group Agent in Durham. Later he was a Group Manager in Durham.

He was NEIMME President in 1965-66 and also served as a Justice of the Peace in the Castle Eden Division, Durham.

Knaggs died in 1984.

Knaggs, C.R. Presidential address [NEIMME] The value of morale Mining Engineer 125 1965-66, 573-577

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