James Samuel Carson

James Samuel Carson was born in c1900, the son of William Carson, manager of Woodhall Colliery, Pencaitland, East Lothian. He was apprentice surveyor at Newbattle and Niddrie Collieries, from 1914 to 1917, when he gained the mine surveyor’s certificate. He saw war service in 1918 with the tunnelling companies. He received his technical training at the University of Edinburgh and the Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh, gaining a B.Sc.in Mining and Metallurgy and a College Diploma in Mining Engineering. He gained his First Class Manager’s Certificate in 1925. He was at Cramlington Collieries for a while and in 1926 became under-manager at Ashington Colliery.

From 1928 he spent time as a technical investigator for the British Colliery Owners Research Association and then moved to Backworth Collieries as a manager and agent. After nationalisation he continued as Group Agent and Group Production Manager in mid-Northumberland and from 1955 as Deputy Production Manager (Planning) in North Northumberland. He was President of NEIMME in 1960-61.

He was awarded the MBE in 1947 as Chairman of Backworth Miners’ Welfare Institute.

Some publications:

Carson, J.S. System of mechanical coal-mining combined with the adoption of systematic timbering using composite steel props Transactions – Institution of Mining Engineers 70 1925-26, 220-240

Carson, J.S. Use of iron and steel for underground supports Transactions – Institution of Mining Engineers 79, 1929-30, 274-281. Discussion on reports of the same title from the British Colliery Owners Research Association

Carson, J.S. Use of sandbags for building pack walls Transactions – Institution of Mining Engineers 91 1935-36, 60-65, 178-179, 368-369

Carson, J.S. Presidential address [NEIMME] Planned re-entry after firing a heavy explosive charge Mining Engineer 120 1960-61, 385-400

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