Thomas Young Greener

Thomas Young Greener was born on the 1st of May 1855 at Pemberton, near Wigan. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all born in Durham and all connected to mining in different capacities.

Greener served part of his education at the College of Science (Armstrong College) in Newcastle. At the age of 16 he served his apprenticeship with Mr. Thomas Douglas at Peases West Collieries, Crook. He then became surveyor at the Pemberton Collieries and, subsequently, at the Thorncliffe Collieries.

In 1879 Greener accepted the position of manager to the Rainford Coal Co., near Liverpool, and whilst there he married Mary Hannah. In 1884 he became general manager and agent of the Hucknall Torkard Collieries, near Nottingham. In 1891 he was appointed agent to Peases West Collieries. He occupied this position until 1913, when he became general manager and agent of the Holmside and South Moor Collieries. He was here until May 1932, when he retired due to bad health.

Greener was a member of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers, firstly as as a student in 1872, then as an associate member in 1879, and then as a full member in 1889. He was elected President of the Institute during the years 1914 to 1916. Greener acted for some years as Chairman of the Arbitration Committee established by the Colliery Owners and the Workmen’s Unions for the purpose of dealing with claims arising out of the Workmen’s Compensation Acts. He also took a leading role in negotiations between the Durham Coal Owners’ Association and the Workmen’s Associations in connection with the wages and conditions of men employed at the collieries in Durham.

Thomas Young Greener died on the 24th of December 1934 and was buried in Stanley Churchyard beside his wife, who died in 1919.

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