William Outterson Wood

William Outterson Wood was born in 1842. He was an agent for Ferens & Love and Walter Scott from 1882 to 1888 at many different colleries, including Cornsay, Houghall, and Shincliffe colleries. After this he was an agent for South Hetton Coal Co. Ltd from 1888 to 1909, serving at Murton and South Hetton Colleries. Wood then became agent and manager for Ferens & Love Ltd. until 1923.

Wood was elected as President of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers for the years 1903 to 1904 after being elected member on the 7th of November 1863. He was also a Council Member from 1896 and Vice-President from 1900.

Wood had a paper published in the Transactions of the Institution of Mining Engineers Volume XXI: ‘The Sussmann Electric Miners’ Lamp’.

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