William Welsh

William Welsh was born in 1908 in Stanley, Co.Durham. His father was chief engineer at the South Moor Colliery Co. Welsh rejected the opportunity to study for an arts degree at Oxford University and instead chose mining at Armstrong College, Newcastle and was apprenticed at Holmside Colliery Craghead, Co Durham. He was later Manager at Burnhope Colliery and Chief Engineer at Holmside and South Moor Colliery Co. In NCB days he was an Area General Manager in Durham, spent some years as an Area General Manager in Scotland in the early 1960s and then returned to Durham as Area Director until his retirement in 1970.
He was President of NEIMME in 1959-60.
William Welsh died in 1975.

Welsh, W. Presidential address[NEIMME] Mining in West Durham Transactions – Institution of Mining Engineers 119 1959-60, 364-368

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