The World of William Brown: Railways – Steam Engines – Coalmines

William Brown
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Series: The Early Railways Collection
Author/Editor: Les Turnbull
Publication Date: NEIMME 2016


This is the story of the other “Capability Brown”, not Lancelot of Kirkharle, the famous landscape gardener, but William of Throckley, the forgotten mining engineer. They were contemporaries who undoubtedly knew one another and may have been related; they worked for the same clients, one developing the estate above ground, the other exploiting the riches below. William was known as ‘the father of the coal trade’ and recognised as the authority on railways and steam engines. He played a major part in the development of the Great Northern Coalfield in the mid eighteenth century, an event of enormous economic significance not only to the landed aristocracy he served but also to the country at large. That the gardener is remembered but the engineer, the creator of the wealth that financed many of Lancelot’s projects, is forgotten is a reflection upon the values of our society. It is something which this book seeks to remedy.

This book is published by the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers with the support of Alan Auld Group Ltd and the Stephenson Locomotive Society (Newcastle Centre).

About the Author

Les Turnbull graduated in history at Durham University and worked as a schoolmaster, university lecturer and senior education adviser. Upon retirement he became a volunteer at NEIMME where now serves as a member of Council. Les has written several books on the history of mining and his particular interest, the early railways of the Great Northern Coalfield. He is frequently called upon to lecture both within the region and beyond.

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