The Past, Present and Future of 3D Printing

At the start of last century, 3D printing was written about as science fiction – a future technology completely alien to current manufacturing. At the dawn of the new millennium, 3D printing was a reality, and was starting to change the manufacturing world. As we move forward, 3D printing becomes more commonplace and varied, moving into varied industries with more and more uses being discovered as time advances.

What has driven the advances in 3D printing technology?
What future technologies and applications are just around the corner?
And just what is 3D printing anyway?

This talk will try and answer some of these questions and provide a bit of insight into this new and dynamic technology.


Catriona Sellick, Durham University

Catriona started her university career in Cambridge in 2004, and went on to graduate with a Master’s in Natural Sciences in 2008. She then spent some time as a researcher in the oil and gas industry before the lure of academia once again drew her in. She began her PhD in Durham in 2016, where she was delighted to be able to turn a hobby into a serious research topic.

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