London Lead Company

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NEIMME/LLC/Plans/1/48. Plan and section of the workings at Hardberry Hill Vein at Coldberry Mine (Teesdale) giving some dates of workings 1888 – 1890



39 Minute books of the Court of Assistants of the Governer and Company for Smelting down Lead with Pit Coal and Sea Coal (London Lead Company), 1692 – 1899.

Reports re London Lead Company mines, mainly re current workings and bargains, sent approximately 4 times a year to the company by Thomas Dodd, senior, 19 April 1806 – 5 Jan 1814 and Robert Stagg, 1 April 1814 – June 1820, also list of bargains 1817 – 1820.

101 loose plans of the London Lead Company’s mineral workings in Alston Moor and Priorsdale, Teasdale, Weardale and Westmorland. These consist mainly of plans and sections of individual workings, sometimes including surface features and marking veins, hushes, levels, shafts and mine buildings. The plans are mostly undated but usually include some dates of workings, sometimes in various hands, usually covering the period c.1820 – 1850, these are specified in the list. Surveyors names are sometimes given, most commonly John Bell or J. Millican.

7 plans of the London Lead Company’s estates marking field names, acreages and state of cultivation and also mine buildings and company housing, including a detailed plan of the company’s completed and proposed building of the planned village of Nenthead, Cumberland. The plans are all undated but on some plans there appears a magnetic meridian (M.M) date on the orientation of 1827 – 1828 so it is assumed that the plans date from c.1828.

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