The main collections of archives are noted below. Detailed lists of the contents are available for some  – others are in preparation.

Atkinson Collection: The collection comprises letter books and working papers of J. Boland Atkinson (b.1852) – mining engineer and mines inspector (1881-1912) – relating to accidents and mine ventilation in the North East and Scotland with a few items concerning Spitzbergen, the Arctic and the Isle of Man.

Bell Collection: 13 volumes of extracts from printed sources and newspaper cuttings re geological matters and the history of coal mining; 7 volumes containing newspaper cuttings, notes, handbills, extracts, pamphlets and plans re collieries in Northumberland and Durham arranged roughly in alphabetical order; and other volumes dealing with coal mining elsewhere in Britain, metalliferous mining, the coal trade and the Mining Association of Great Britain. The period covered is approximately 1750-1850. (There is a similar collection in the archives of the British Geological Survey at Keyworth, Nottingham.)

Brown Collection: 2 letter books of William Brown (1717-1782) – an important viewer and engineer of the eighteenth century.

Buddle Collection:  working papers of John Buddle (1773-1843); with some papers of his father, also John (d. 1806) and papers of other viewers, e.g. Thomas Young Hall (d.1870),  collected by the Buddles in the course of their work.

Dodds Collection – A collection of plans and maps created during John Dodds’ work with W. K. Pirt on the book Lead Mining in the Derwent Valley (Northern Mines Research Society) 2002. (ISBN 0901450553)

Easton Collection: letter books and colliery journals of James Easton (viewer and colliery owner, b.1811), lease books, coal trade papers, report book of George Hill and others and journals of Matthias Dunn (1788-1869). Documents from 1700-1874.

Forster Collection: a collection of report books relating to various eighteenth and nineteenth century viewers, collected by Thomas Emerson Forster (1802-1875) but not relating to the Forster family; working papers of Thomas Emerson Forster and his son George Baker Forster (1832-1901).  Items from 1680-1920.

Grand Allies Collection: papers from the Grand Allies Partnership, originally formed in 1726 between Sydney Wortley, Sir Henry Liddell and George Bowes and later extended to include many major eighteenth century coal owners. Their main colliery interests were in the Stella, Derwenthaugh, Whickham and Derwent Valley areas of North Durham. Documents from 1713-1746.

Johnson Collection: bound volumes of reports, leases and correspondence, relating to George and John Johnson and others. Much of the material relates to collieries in the Willington area, near Durham City, where both Johnsons were employed as agent. Items dated 1717-1854.

Leach Collection – Charles Catterall Leach was President of the Institute 1921-23. Papers, photos, newspaper cuttings, artefacts. Mostly early 20th Century.

London Lead Company: Minute books recording the Company’s activities, 1692 – 1899, including a minute book of the Royal Mines Copper Company, 1697 – 1704; plans of their mines and estates.

Peck Collection: report book of Richard Peck, viewer (d.1747) and others relating mainly to Northumberland in late 17th and early 18th centuries. Documents dated 1664-1735.

Rhodes Collection: papers from Harold Rhodes (1923 – 2010) who worked in the coal industry, in roles including Director of Overseas Mining NCB, Director of British Coal International and Director General of the Association of British Mining Equipment Companies (ABMEC) (1983-1986).  Papers dated 1946-c.1991.

Simpson Collection –  Douglas Simpson worked for over 20 years as an engineer and manager in the South Wales Coalfield and in a number of positions at NCB Headquarters. He visited mines, sinkings and tunnel around the world on various missions for the NCB. The collection includes, reports, papers, manuals, drawings, meetings information. Items dated 1942-1983.

Unthank Collection: papers of William Unthank and others, including plans, reports and accounts. Papers dated 1757-1772 .

Watson Collection: the working papers of John Watson (d.1832), together with records relating to his father, also John (d.1797), and his son William. The collection also contains papers of other engineers collected by the Watsons in the course of their work. Documents relate mainly to mines in Northumberland and Durham and are dated from 1700-1905.

Weeks Collection: volumes of reports and correspondence also plans and working papers of John George Weeks (d.1916) and his son Richard James Weeks mainly relating to Lord Ravensworth’s collieries in Northumberland and Durham and to the Bedlington Coal Company. Items from 1735-1960.

William Armstrong and Sons, consulting mining engineers (merged with Ken Wardell and Partners in 1982 to form Wardell Armstrong.) Comprises plans, leases, correspondence, accounts, minutes, valuations, subsidence reports, workings, site surveys, etc relating to coal and metalliferous mines, quarries, domestic and commercial property, mostly in North East England. Documents from 1832 to 1995.

William Armstrong (Deceased): Relating to the administration by the trustees of the estate of William Armstrong Snr. (1813-1896), mining engineer and founder of William Armstrong and Sons, consulting engineers (later Wardell Armstrong).

ZA to ZE Collections:  Sinking and boring accounts, memoranda books, deeds, leases, letters and miscellaneous items.

Coal Market Returns: 59 volumes of bound printed statements or printed proforma with manuscript additions re quantities and prices for coal shipped to and sold at the London Market. Most returns made 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and in some cases posted to the Coal Trade Office in Newcastle. Covers 1838 – 1915.

Collections of Plans: colliery, lead mining, strata, buildings, machinery dated from 1760-1939.

Colliery Leases: bundles of colliery leases, valuations, correspondence, accounts and miscellaneous papers relating mainly to Lord Durham’s collieries, the Hetton Coal Company and some other collieries. Items from 1614-1889.

Reports and Memoranda Books: reports, memoranda books, notebooks, journals from various viewers and engineers mainly in Tyneside and Cumberland. Mostly 19th Century.

Trimmers Union Minute BookCouncil and other meetings 1893-1907.

Wilf Ross Railway Photographs – images mainly of railway bridges and viaducts c.1950-1970.

Roy Stevens Rail and Tram Map Collection – UK and international

Ian Day Archive: papers collected by long standing NEIMME Member relating to NE Collieries and closure.

Norman William Jackson Collection – papers collected and authored by NEIMME Past-President.

David Douglass Archive: papers and printed books relating to NUM and the 1980s strikes.

Paul Younger Archive: papers collected and authored by NEIMME Past-President. Papers from 1977-2012.

Report series held by NEIMME:

Atomic Energy Authority Research Group

NEIMME-BIOS– British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee

NEIMME-BCaRA and BCRA – British Carbonisation Research Association and British Coke Research Association

NEIMME-BCURA – British Coal Utilisation Research Association

NEIMME-CEGB – Central Electricity Generating Board

NEIMME-CIOS – Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee

NEIMME-CRE – NCB Coal Research Establishment

NEIMME-CTRA  – Coal Tar Research Association

NEIMME-ETSU – Energy Technology Support Unit

NEIMME-EUR – European Commission reports

NEIMME-FIAT – British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee – Field Information Agency Technical

NEIMME-IEA International Energy Agency

NEIMME-US-CRB – United States Coal Research Board

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