Watson Collection

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NEIMME/Wat/21/17. Plan of the first 10 houses at the north end of the building ground at Chirton Colliery.  Jan 1808


Creation dates: 18th – 20th Century

Watson, John (d. 1832), engineer
Watson, John (d.1797), engineer
Watson, William (fl 1850) engineer

Archival History
The papers were presented to the Mining Institute in 1863 by William Watson, housed in a cabinet containing a series of numbered drawers and shelves. This cabinet is no longer extant but a catalogue of its contents, prefaced by a drawing of the cabinet survives (Wat/4/3). The arrangement is now lost, but many of the Watson documents still retain their original numbers and these have been noted.

Scope and Content
The Watson Collection comprises the working papers of John Watson, (d.1832), together with records relating to his father, also John (d.1797), and his son William. The collection also contains papers of other engineers collected by the Watsons in the course of their work.  It comprises deeds, newspapers, sinkings and borings, estate papers, reports, drawings and plans. See also NEIMME/John/3 for an additional colliery journal.

The first section of the Watson papers (Wat/1) have been added to the Archives Hub and catalogue records are available for them here.  Our long term goal is to add all of our archive catalogue records to the Archives Hub; if you are interested in volunteering to contribute towards this piece of work, please do get in touch via the Contact Us page.

Watson volumes 19-38 are oversize plan volumes which require advance booking of space.  Please contact the librarian in advance if you wish to view any of the following documents.




NEIMME-Wat-3-3 (Benwell Colliery, Selby v Adair, Valuation, Reports and Other Papers)

NEIMME-Wat-3-4 (Bigges Main Papers 1702-1809)

NEIMME-Wat-3-27 (East Benton and Elswick)

NEIMME-Wat-3-30 (Elswick Colliery 1806-1830)

NEIMME-Wat-3-31 (Felling Colliery 1801-1814)

NEIMME-Wat-3-28 (East Denton 1765-1818)



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