Weeks Collection

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NEIMME/Wks/67/20/1. No.6 pay, an account of work wrought for A.L. Potter Esq., & Partners, in the Townley seam at Emma pit. 22 March 1862


Weeks, John George, d 1916, engineer
Weeks, Richard James, fl 1900-1940, engineer

The collection comprises volumes of reports and correspondence, ┬áplans and working papers of John George Weeks (d.1916) and his son Richard James Weeks mainly relating to Lord Ravensworth’s collieries and the Bedlington Coal Company, for both of which J.G. Weeks acted as agent. There is also material collected by them. The coverage is from 1760-1960.

Main content:

Report book of John George Weeks containing reports and valuations by Weeks and others, 1778, 1821 – 1898

Strata book of John George Weeks containing copy, sinkings and borings, 1735 – 1913

Letter book containing copy letters of John George Weeks (d.1916) and Richard James Weeks, 31 Jan 1902 – 3 Feb 1922 and accounts of royalty rents, 1895 – 1923, mainly re the management of the royalties of Lord Ravensworth

Volume containing copy accounts, valuations and correspondence, mainly of John George Weeks (d.1916) as agent for Lord Ravensworth’s Collieries and the Bedlington Coal Co and Richard James Weeks, 1895 – 1926 and royalty rent accounts of John Shiel, lessee of Lintz Colliery, 1895 – 1905

Documents, cuttings, notes, plans, reports, etc relating to many collieries, especially
Ashington Coal Company
Bedlington Coal Company
Benwell Colliery
Dunston Colliery
Garesfield Colliery
Hartley Colliery
Hetton Coal Company
Kenton Colliery
Lintz Colliery
Newton Colliery
Seghill Colliery

Professional and personal correspondence

Cuttings, notes, reports etc relating to mining and mining organisations


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