The history, science and engineering of the Tyne Bridges and the people involved in their construction
With Technology Tom

Dates: 28, 29 and 30 December 2016
Times (daily) 11am-12 noon Lecture, 12 noon-1pm workshop
2pm-3pm Lecture, 3pm-4pm workshop

• Learn about Tyneside’s most iconic structures, the famous bridges spanning the Tyne Gorge, and the great engineers behind their building.
• Find out how the bridges were built, how the engineering works, the physics and material sciences involved in building a bridge and what’s involved in keeping them in good repair.
• Join the workshop to build your very own bridge to take home.
• Help build a bigger bridge in the Mining Institute’s famous Library.
• Great fun for adults and children (best suited to ages 5 and up)

The lectures are packed with demonstrations to show how bridges work including: Strength testing of materials and bridge models; Differences in bridge design; How the bridges were built; Special features of the bridges such as Hydraulic motion; Designs of the future eg. an Air Pressure Bridge!

The workshops are completely ‘hands-on’ and everyone can make their own model bridge to take home as well as contribute to some larger bridge models as showpieces for the Mining Institute.

More details and booking available here

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