ICT Volunteer

IT Technician

• Determine users’ technical needs and provide them with appropriate solutions
• Install software and device drivers on NEIMME computers
• Moving equipment between desks
• Manage network configurations to ensure that all computers on a network can communicate effectively
• Test computers peripherals, hardware and software to ensure that they are working appropriately
• Upgrade software, patches and operating systems on a continuous basis
• Install and configure monitors, keyboards and printers
• Troubleshoot hardware and software problems
• Act as a technical resource in order to assist users with resolving computer issues
• Answer tickets and emails pertaining to users’ computer problems
• Train users on new software
• Analyse network problems and manage preventative maintenance procedures
• Explain the role of network applications and equipment to the end users
• Maintain documentation of technical maintenance procedures carried out
• Reporting to an IT Manager and Systems Administrator


To provide IT support to Library staff and other volunteers. Usually this will be in person and requires little in the way of in-depth IT knowledge. Ideally suited to those who wish to develop or progress in IT who want real IT experience in the field. This is suitable for college and university students looking to gain real world experience within the IT industry or those seeking employment within IT.


Comfortable using ICT.
Ideally worked within ICT previously, but not required.


Outgoing and friendly.
Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
To have UK-ASA (or equivalent L-ASA) or wishing to go through the EU-ASA processes. BIL2 (Business Impact Level 2) sensitivity marking. This is conditional BIL2 marked / unmarked documents.


No minimum time commitment. Usually two 4-hour periods per week but it is variable depending when you are available.

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