Transactions 2018-2019

The written record of lectures given at the Institute this year can be found on this page by following the link in a lecture title.

September 20th 2018
Sweet Afton and a Man of Iron
Garry O’Hagan

September 25th 2018
Can Abandoned Mines Heat our Future?
Joint Lecture with the Geological Society of London
Dr Charlotte Adams (University of Durham)

October 18th 2018
An Overview of the North Yorkshire Polyhalite
Asher Haynes (Sirius Minerals)

November 22nd 2018
Dealing with coal mine waters in the North East
Dr Ian Watson (Coal Authority)

January 17th 2019
Resource Efficiency: Defence, Trade and Sovereign Capability
Chris McDonald (Material Processing Institute)

February 21st 2019
Secrets of the Anglo-Saxon goldsmith
Dr Eleanor Blakelock

March 21st 2019
Mining Industry, What Mining Industry?
Paul Bradley

April 18th 2019
Asteroid Mining – Science Fiction or the Future?
Professor Simon Green (Open University)

May 8th 2019
The Cumbrian Metallurgical Coal Project
Simon Zanker (West Cumbria Mining)

June 20th 2019
All that Glitters IS Gold
Garry O’Hagan


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