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IOM3 is the UK engineering institution for the whole materials cycle, from extraction to product. It promotes all aspects of materials science. The Institute was one of the founder members of IOM3 though the establishment of the Federated Institution of Mining Engineers, of which IOM3 is the successor organisation.

IOM3 Young Persons Lecture Competition 2024

The Young Persons Lecture Competition invites students and professionals up to the age of 28 or under to deliver a short lecture on a materials, minerals, mining, packaging, clay technology or wood science related subject. The competition is sponsored by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining IOM3) with support from The Armourers and Brasiers’ Company and the Royce Institute.

Candidates compete in a series of heats from which six regional candidates are selected to compete in the national final. This year the Institute will be running heats on the following dates:

Local Institute Heat: Thursday the 22nd of February 2024 (includes a £100 first prize)
North East Regional Heat: TBC March 2024

The 2024 Young Persons’ Lecture Competition (YPLC) final will be held at the Armourers’ Hall in London in May 2024.

YPLC Competition Rules

Competitors must be 28 or under on the 1st of June 2024 and must give a 15 minute presentation on a topic related to materials, minerals, mining, packaging, clay technology or wood science and engineering.
To enter please fill out the entry form. Once completed please email it

Deadline for entries is 23:59 on Friday the 16th of February 2024.

The following judging criteria and penalties are the same for the Local, Regional and National competitions:

Abstract – 10 marks
Structure of lecture – 25 marks
Standard of presentation – 25 marks
Visual aids and physical examples – 10 marks
Technical content – 15 marks
Handling questions – 15 marks
Lecture time –
Over 15 mins: -5 marks
Under 12 minutes: -5 marks

The 2024 Rules, Guidelines for Finalists and the Mark Sheet used for competition can be downloaded.

Legacies of Mineral Extraction and Sustainability Opportunities 2021

Britain has a long history of mining and mineral extraction. Its legacies are the environmental, social and engineering consequences of completed mining operations, ranging from subsidence and ground movement and unmapped voids to contamination, gas emissions and water flows. In 2000, the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers held a conference to highlight and identify some of these legacies and to discuss methods of restoration and regeneration.

The Institute is pleased to announce this joint conference with the Mining Technology Division of IOM3, the Midlands Institute of Mining Engineers and the Mining Institute of Scotland, the purpose of which is to review events that have changed thinking, improved methods and equipment in the 20-year passage of time since our Institute last reviewed these topics. Considering the lessons learned in this period will be used as an important addition to discuss creation of sustainable opportunities looking at mining from cradle to grave.

Registration is required with the registration links below. The full programme is given below and is available to download. Further information is available on the conference webpage.

Full Two-Day Downloadable Programme

Conference Proceedings

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