Newcastle International Film Festival: Glass slides Street Life

Friday 30th March 2018, 16:00, £8

Unseen Photos of Newcastle
NEWCASTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL kicks off its first installment with a major historical find – rare glass slides of 1880s Newcastle in this World Premiere Show.

The Newcastle Film Festival in association with The Mining Institute are unveiling the first public screening of rare glass photographic slides taken in the streets of Newcastle 1880s. Many of the slides were taken by local photographer Edgar Lee who was using the new medium to compete with the more traditional mediums. Photography was considered crude by more established artists. Putting the photographs in their proper perspective and explaining their importance in Newcastle’s history will be Dr. Bill Lancaster, Historian and Former Director of the Centre for Northern Studies.

NIFF, the Newcastle International Film Festival, is dedicated to presenting independent visual images whether it is film, video, digital, or in this case 125 year old photographs.

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