The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers is the Royal Chartered membership organisation for science and technology in the North. Our members are from range of backgrounds including the local geotechnical industry, academics from UK universities, industrial historians, active exploration geologists, as well as former coal miners from the Northern coal fields. As a local society of IOM3 we welcome membership applications from the materials science community, as well as from any scientific or technical background.

How the Institute Works

The Institute is governed by a Council including the President, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, two Vice-Presidents, Ordinary Members and Past Presidents. Council is chaired by the President and meets five times each year. Council has powers to appoint Committees to manage the affairs and business of the Institute. New members of the Institute are elected by the Council when the names submitted to Council are formally proposed.

There are also a number of reporting committees which report directly to Council, each with responsibility for particular areas of the Institute’s activities.

Governing Documents

The Institute is governed by Royal Charter. When the Institute was founded in 1852 it was run as a membership organisation with a constitution devised by our founder Nicholas Wood. With the grant of the Nicholas Wood Memorial Hall to the Institute a Trust Deed was agreed with a small number of Members acting as Trustees. To formalise the Institute’s affairs as legislation increased to safeguard businesses discussion veered between seeking a Royal Charter and the formation of a company. Given its educational aims and the need to establish a profession the Royal Charter was seen as the better instrument. A Royal Charter was subsequently granted to the Institute in 1876 under Queen Victoria, with a supplemental Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. The Institute was registered as a Charity on 10th September 1963 (registration number 220208).

The Institute also abides by a set of governing Policies as set out by Council.

Annual Reviews

The Society publishes an Annual Review in July. This contains a summary of the activities of the past year, a brief overview of the Institute’s finances. Download the latest Annual Review and Financial Statements, or see the archive for previous years.

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