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The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers is a membership organisation governed by Royal Charter and registered as a charity with the Charity Commission, its registration number is 220208.

Membership is open to everyone as well as professionally qualified people. It is governed by a Council comprised of people elected from amongst its members who serve as Trustees of the Charity. None of the Trustees are paid for this work. The Institute’s collections which are of global importance are held in trust for the benefit of the public by the charity and are open to everyone.

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You can find out more about past members here and previous Presidents here.

NEIMME Policies

NEIMME Health and Safety Policy

NEIMME Safeguarding Policy

The Institute’s Charitable Objectives are: “To advance & promote the science, education & technology of mining engineering & engineering generally. To secure the increased safety & improved health and well-being of those employed. To collect, acquire & disseminate scientific knowledge & technical information. To advance & promote the science & technology of addressing the environmental & socio-economic legacies of former mining activities.”

The Institute is also the custodian of a purpose built building of the utmost importance in architectural and historic terms and listed as a building of architectural and historic importance at grade II*, which it has the responsibility to maintain, and for the collections which are housed within the Nicholas Wood Memorial Hall Library, a large part of which have been defined by the National Archives as of global importance. The charity aims in particular to ensure the greatest possible public access to its collections and architectural heritage for the use and enjoyment of the public in the UK and, via new communications technologies, people around the world.

In addition to its own collections, the Institute houses collections from the Robert Stephenson Trust, the Stephenson Locomotive Society (North East) and the Minerals Engineering Society. These collections are also held in trust by the respective societies and Trusts and are available to the public.

The charity has an international scope in its work defined by the international importance of its collections which it maintains for the benefit of the public world-wide. The Charity does not expend funds outside of the UK to achieve its objectives, its expenditure is inherently regional within North East England but which electronic communications technologies permits it to serve a global audience that seeks access to its special collections and which also contributes directly towards the preservation of the archive and collections.

The Institute is governed by Royal Charter. Its original Charter granted in 1876 replaced a Trust deed. The current Royal Charter was granted in 2005 and it replaced the 1876 Charter. The effect of the new Charter was to modernise the governance of the Institute and to incorporate principles of equality.

The Royal Charter
When the Institute was founded in 1852 it was run as a Membership organisation with a constitution devised by Nicholas Wood. With the grant of the Nicholas Wood Memorial Hall to the Institute a Trust Deed was agreed with a small number of Members acting as Trustees. To formalise the Institute’s affairs as legislation increased to safeguard businesses discussion veered between seeking a Royal Charter and the formation of a company. Given its educational aims and the need to establish a profession the Royal Charter was seen as the better instrument.

A Royal Charter was granted to the Institute in 1876 under Queen Victoria. The current Charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. The new charter replaced the earlier one bringing the Institute into the modern era and enabling more people to benefit from the Institute.

The Institute was registered as a Charity on 10th September 1963.

The Institute is governed by its Royal Charter. The Royal Charter also sets out a series of bye-laws which form part of the governing documents. Changes to the Charter and bye laws can only be made with the approval of the Privy Council. There is also a series of Regulations which set out the governance in more detail.

You can find the 2005 Charter and Bye-Laws in full here. The current regulations can be found here.

Students of history may find the Victorian Charter of interest which will be found following the link here.

The Charity is governed by a Council of up to 38 people elected to the Council and incorporating past Presidents. All categories of Members are eligible to stand for election to the Council. Council Members are the Trustees of the Charity.

The Council meets four times a year and has powers to appoint Committees to manage the affairs and business of the Institute. The day to day management of the Institute is achieved through the appointment of its Officers prescribed in its Charter and Bye-laws. The Officers are President, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary and two Vice-Presidents. The day to day running of the Institute is achieved through its staff.

OFFICERS 2019/2020

PRESIDENT: Frederick Wardle Smith

VICE PRESIDENTS:  Steven Martin, William Hogarth Bell

SECRETARY:  Derek Newton



John Lewis Borradaile, Steve Martin, Andrew Dobrzanski,

Malcolm Richard Tilley, George Brian Pickering, Paul Kelly,

David Grainger, David Douglass, Ian Cameron McIntosh,

Norman William Jackson, John Stuart Porthouse,

Mathew J. Funnell



Leslie Turnbull


Russell Gathorne Benson, Joseph Parkins, Frank Harrison


Catherine Marianne Miller, Stephen Paul Davidson, John Thomas Crompton, John Gerard McCabe, David Charles Bell, John Stuart Porthouse, Gerard Huitson, Jan Popke Jacob Ketelaar, John Harry Humphries, David Williams.

Library Opening Hours:

The Library is currently closed for refurbishment.  Please contact the Library and Archives Manager of The Common Room using the “Contact us” form for specific item requests.

Events: The building is currently closed for refurbishment.

Address: Neville Hall, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE.
Tel: 0191 2509717.

E:mail: Please see how to contact us on the main menu.


Bankers: Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Accountants: Pete O’Hara, FCA, 4 Stoneyhurst Road West, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE3 1PG

The North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers is registered as a Charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, Charity Number 220208.

The Institute is governed by Royal Charter granted 1876 VR, and a revised 2005 ERII.

Our Privacy Notice is available here.


To find out more about the history of The Mining Institute and how we have developed over the years please click here. You can also read about the history of the building and its architecture here.

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