Sponsor a Book

Many of the Mining Institute’s Victorian books are now showing their age; particularly the volumes which have been in heavy use for over a hundred and fifty years.  There are a number of books with loose boards, damaged spines or even in several pieces with decayed sewing which would benefit from book conservation and repair.

As a temporary solution we have book conservation volunteers who make individual phase boxes (PICTURE) to protect the books however even this is expensive – a sheet of conservation grade acid free card board costs £6.00.

A more permanent solution is rebinding the volume with appropriate matching book cloth or leather and marbled paper.  This costs from £25 for cloth through to £100 for a full leather volume due to the costs of materials.  This includes new end papers and boards and the new spine with appropriate lettering.  If a book needs complete re-stitching then costs begin at £100.

Why not sponsor a book at the Mining Institute?  All donations are acknowledged with a permanent book plate in the volume and a catalogue record note.  You can choose a volume which is important to you or let us suggest books in need of repair.

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