ZA-ZE Collections

ZA Collection
Borings and sinkings: sinking and boring accounts from various mining engineers including George (b. 1803) and Rawling (b. 1825) Stott of Ferryhill, mainly dated c.1830 – 60; Richard Heckels, mainly c.1820 – 50; and J. Cresswell Rosecamp

ZB Collection
Reports and memoranda books: reports, memoranda books, notebooks, journals from various viewers and engineers mainly in Tyneside and Cumberland. Mostly 19th Century
NEIMME-ZB-10 transcription
NEIMME-ZB-14 transcription
NEIMME-ZB-24 transcription

ZC Collection
Deeds and Legal Papers: deeds, leases, letters
ZC-2-1-p1 English -Old ZC-2-1-p2 English – Old ZC-2-1-p3 English – Old ZC-2-1-p4 English -Old ZC-2-1-p5 English -Old ZC-2-1-p6-1 English -Old ZC-2-1-p7 English -Old ZC-2-1-p8 English -Old ZC-2-1-p9-1 English -Old ZC-2-1-p9-2 English -Old ZC-2-1-p10 English -Old ZC-2-1-p11 English -Old ZC-2-1-p12 English -Old ZC-2-1-p13 English -Old ZC-2-1-p14 English -Old ZC-2-1-p14-1 English -Old ZC-2-1-p15 English -Old ZC-2-1-p16 English -Old ZC-2-1-p17 English -Old ZC-2-1-p18 English -Old

ZD Collection
Miscellaneous colliery and coal trade papers: pitmen’s bonds, Colliery Reports, Accounts and Pay Bills, Miscellaneous Coal Trade Papers, technical papers, newspaper cuttings, minutes of the Durham Miners Association, plans.

ZE Collection
Lead mining: relating mainly to lead mining interests of the Blackett – Beaumont family.
NEIMME-ZE-4 transcription

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